ALIF by Umaira Ahmed EPISODE 1 -REVIEW

This is a story shows the relationship with ALLAH
begins with a letter from a woman named Jaan e Jahaa to “Jaan e Jaan” When the letter started with Jaan-e–Jaan I thought it was a term of endearment.

Next we’re introduced to a little, nameless boy who’s seen riding into a forest and leaving a letter in a wooden letterbox he made himself. He seems to be living overseas, in Turkey , with his mother. He waits for the reply of his letter for weeks before it arrives. He finally receives a letter in response. And Who is it from? Allah.

I think many of us read that story in our childhood You can never be sure of characters’ connections with each other in Umera Ahmed’s novels so I have no theories as of now. I just know that whatever comes next will surely be worth everyone’s while.

The two apparent main characters of the story are introduced later on. First, it’s a man named Qalb-e-Momin. .
The man’s name is Qalb-e-Momin! Or just Momin if you’re lazy on long names. He is a film director with so many traits ever present in Umera Ahmed’s main leads: charisma, narcissism, killer good looks and loads of attitude. From what has been shown of him, he doesn’t seem to be a very nice guy.
He is one of the most successful directors of Pakistani film industry. Him films are heavy on glamour and woman objectification.
And his back to back success at the box office has turned him into an arrogant man. Yeah, not a good start. But, if he’s the main lead, surely he has a past. And surely he will be redeemed later on.

Second apparent main character of this story is Mominah Sultan, a struggling TV actress who is the sole provider of her poor family. Her father used to be a makeup artist so her family does not have the kind of attitude towards her job that any common family of this country would have. Also, it’s hard to be critical of someone’s profession when you’re struggling to make both ends meet, and have a sick family member who needs regular treatments.
And so, Mominah aspires to take on a leading role in any TV drama to stabilize her career. So far, she has only had a few small TV roles. But, since she’s a good actress, opportunities come her way.

One such opportunity was her audition for Qalb-e-Momin’s next commercial film. Which was a total disaster. Here she realized having good acting skills was not enough. Being a woman in film industry, you had to expose yourself in many ways (Man-o-Salwa vibes, anyone?). And so she got rejected by Momin. Things would’ve turned back to normal from there, had Mominah not forgotten an important file and had to go back to retrieve it. Momin mistook this as a cheap tactic to get the role and a fight broke out between them. She fled after giving him a piece of her mind and that’s where the episode ended.


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