High Scoring FPSC CSS Islamic Studies Guide




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High Scoring FPSC CSS Islamic Studies Guide




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High Scoring FPSC CSS Islamic Studies Guide




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High Scoring FPSC CSS Islamic Studies Guide:

 Key Features:

  • Smart Question wise approach
  • Detailed Answers according to CSS format
  • References from the Holy Quran

How to Prepare for FPSC CSS Islamic Studies?

To prepare well for CSS Islamic Studies, make sure you have covered the entire FPSC CSS Syllabus for Islamic Studies exam. Make your notes for important topics with references from Holy Quran, Ahadis and International Scholars for strong analysis. Finally, use Integrated CSS Islamic Studies book to prepare popular questions, practice and structure your answers according to sample answers provided. Also, make sure that you practice maximum CSS past papers for Islamic studies.

What is the syllabus for FPSC CSS Islamic Studies?

CSS Islamic studies is one of the CSS compulsory subjects. It carries 100 marks and is a 3 hour exam. The CSS syllabus for Islamic Studies is as follows:

 Introduction to Islam.

  • Concept of Islam.
  • Importance of Din in Human Life.
  • Difference between Din and Religion.
  • Distinctive Aspects of Islam.
  • Islamic Beliefs & its Impact on Individual & Society and the Fundamental of Islam
  • Islamic Worships: Spiritual, Moral and Social Impact.

Study of Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Role Model for:-

  • Individual
  • Diplomat
  • Educator
  • Military Strategist
  • Peace Maker

Human Rights & Status of Woman in Islam.

  • Human Rights and Status of Woman in Islam
  • Dignity of Men and Women

Islamic Civilization and Culture

  • Meanings and the Vital Elements
  • Role of Civilization in Development of Human Personality and Community
  • Characteristics of Islamic Civilization (Tawhid, Self-purification, Dignity of Man, Equality, Social Justice, Moral Values, Tolerance, Rule of Law)

Islam and the World

  • Impact of Islamic Civilization on the West and Vice Versa.
  • Impact of Islamic Civilization on the West and Vice Versa.
  • Muslim World and the Contemporary Challenges.
  • Rise of Extremism.

Public Administration and Governance in Islam

  • Concept of Public Administration in Islam
  • Quranic Guidance on Good Governance
  • Concept of Governance and its Applications in the light of Qur’an, Sunnah and Fiqh.
  • Governance Structure in Islam (Shura, Legislation, Sources of Islamic Law)
  • Governance under Pious Khilafat
  • Particular letters of Hazrat Umar (R.A) and Hazrat Ali (R.A) to different Authorities.
  • Responsibilities of Civil Servants
  • System of Accountability (hisbah) in Islam

Islamic Code of Life

  • Salient Features of Islamic System, Social System, Political System, Economic System, Judicial System, Administrative System,
  • Procedure of Ijma and Ijtihad


The High Scoring CSS Islamic Studies Guide is a detailed guide for prospective candidates who are appearing for CSS Exam. This guide covers the entire syllabus of Islamic Studies for high-scoring results. The syllabus coverage has been achieved through a variety of questions with detailed answers. These answers also guide candidates regarding how to attempt questions in the Exam.
Furthermore, the questions have been categorized into distinct themes of Islamic Studies, each covering the respective area of study in exemplary detail to help students navigate through the book and prepare accordingly.
It is recommended for the candidates to utilize this guide to the fullest, by making use of the Notes in order to achieve a spectacular score.




vii Introduction


Introduction of Islam

2 Define Tawheed. What are its impacts on an individual and the society?

5 Write a comprehensive note on Haff and its spiritual, moral and social impacts

8 Write a comprehensive note on Zakat system of Islam and its spiritual, moral and social impacts

11 What is Self-purification and Ehsan? Explain in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. Also describe its individual and collective effects

14 Define the meaning of prayer and its different categories. Also describe the spiritual, moral and social benefits of prayer?

19 What is the difference between Deen and Religion? Describe the importance of Deen in Human life


Study of the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a Role Model in the Capacity

23 Describe the characteristics of Military Strategist in the light of Seerah of Muhammad (SAW) with arguments

25 Elucidate how the Prophet of Islam (SAW) exemplified him as the greatest peace maker in the world by making reconciliation with Pagans, Jews and Christians?

28 Explain the role of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as an Educator

32 Describe the role of Holy Prophet (PBUH) as an individual

37 Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.)

40 Risalat

43 Prophet (PBUH) As Military Strategist

47 Prophet (PBUH) As Peace Maker

49 Prophet (PBUH) As An Educator

52 Political System of Islam

55 Judicial System of Islam

58 Concept of Islam

60 Importance of Deen in Human Life

62 Difference B/W Deen and Religion

64 Tawhid (Monotheism) and Its Impact.

66 Economic System of Islam

70 Legal System of Islam

72 Social System in Islam

75 Zakat (Poor Due) And Its Impact

79 Islamic Concepts of Worship

81 Salat (Prayer) and Its Impacts

83 Saum (Fasting) and Its Impacts

86 Hajj (Pilgrimage) and Its Impacts

89 Muslim World & Contemporary Challenges

92 Rise of Extremism & Modern Muslim Fundamentalism: Roots and Causes

95 Jihad

98 Human Rights in Islam

101 Status Of Women in Islam

102 Dignity Of Men and Women

104 Islamic Civilization and Culture

107 Public Administration & Governance in Islam

109 Quranic Guidance on Good Governance &

Principles Of Public Admin / Governance in Islam &

Concept Of Governance and Its Application in The Light of Quran, Sunnah and Fiqh

114 Concept Of Good Governance + Application in The Light of Sunnah

116 GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE IN ISLAM (Shura, Legislation, And Sources of Islamic Law)

Shura In Islam

117 Sources Of Islamic Law

119 Admin Under Pious Caliphate

122 Responsibilities Of Civil Servants in Islam

124 System Of Accountability (Hibah) In Islam

125 Ijma & Its Procedures

127 Ijtihad & Its Procedures (Inependent Reasoning)


Human Rights & the Status of Women in Islam

131 Describe the rights of women in Islam in context of the current wave of the feminist movement.

134 “Islam teaches the lesson of human respect and dignity irrespective of color, race, and creed”. Discuss

136 Write a comprehensive note on the rights of inheritance granted to women by Islam.

138 Discuss the human rights grant in Islam. Islam puts great emphasis on human rights.

141 What are the rights of citizens in an Islamic state?

146 Explain Human Rights granted in Islam in the light of last sermon of Holy Prophet (PBUH)?


Islam and the World

151 Throw light in detail on the moral values system of Islam as a significant feature of the Islamic Civilization.

156 Describe in detail, the basic characteristics of Islamic Civilization.


Islam and the World

160 Discuss the Rise of Extremism and Modern Fundamentalism: the roots and the causes.

162 Discuss in detail the principles and terms and conditions for “Jihad” in the light of Quran and Sunnah.


Public Administration and Governance in Islam

165 Write a comprehensive note on the bravery and Judicial Wisdom of Hazrat Ali (R. A).

167 Highlight the responsibilities of civil servants in the light of Islamic teachings.

169 Explain the Quranic Guidance on good governance.

173 What is the Governance Structure in Islam? Elaborate it comprehensively.

178 Elaborate the Administrative System of Islam comprehensively.


Islamic Code of Life

183 “Islamic financial and economic system is the solution to human financial problems”. Discuss.

185 Analyze the Madina Accord as a “Social Contract” in detail.

187 Define Ijtihad. Also highlight its contemporary importance in the light of Islamic fiqh.

190 Define Ijma’ (consensus) and explain its different kinds. Highlights its importance in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah

192 Explain the Economic System of Islam in the Light of Social Justice.

195 Element of Social Justice of Islam

198 What are the essential features of the Social System of Islam?

202 Explain the Judicial System in Islam.

210 Explain the basic principles of the Economic System of Islam.

214 What are the elements of the Islamic Civilization?

217 Discuss impacts of Islamic Civilization of the West?


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