The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr David Scwartz – Book Review

Dr David schwartz PHD was a well known motivational writer and couch and former professer  of marketing ,chairman of marketing study department, and chair of consumer finance at Georgia state university.His one of the ” MASTER PEACE “Is “the magic of thinking big” has sold over 6 million copies around the world.

Publilius Syrus once quoted; “A wise man will be master of his mind a fool will be slave”.
This book narrates the above quote in it’s true meaning in all areas of human existence . Our thoughts create our believe system.
We become who we believe we “ARE” , It teaches how to develop new and strong believes in ourselves,give energy , confidence and skills to do
,what we love to do but” Believe “.

It’s “IMPOSSIBLE” for me !

The book stands one to turn his dreams into Concrete Goals
It gives a a Proven Plan to achieve ones Goals
Overcoming all Fears and build astonishing self Confidence
how to deal with Courtiers , turn Setbacks into Victories.
Enjoy five times more income in a short enough time then one is earning now.
Wining the Hearts and Minds of others.


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