THE OTHER SIDE OF TRUTH – Beverley Naidoo -Book Review

The story tears the reader and touch hearts .it’s a struggle of children for live and a father to save his children , it’s a story for all siblings , All fathers , All humans…..

Beverley Naidoo is a South African author of children’s books who lives in the U.K. Her first three novels featured life in South Africa where she lived until her twenties.[.Beverley Naidoo was born on the 21st May 1943 in Johannesburg,South Africa.
She grew up under apartheid laws that gave privilege to white children.
Black children were sent to separate, inferior schools and their families were told where they could live,
work and travel. Apartheid denied all children the right to grow up together with equality, justice and respect.

This Novel is a  terrifying story of the  African family , Head of the family , A brave journalist has got the punish for his responsibilities .After their mother is shot and killed outside of their home in Nigeria,
siblings Sade and Femi are smuggled out of the country by their father,
a prominent journalist in opposition to the national corruption and military violence.
When the children arrive in England to meet their uncle and wait for their father to arrive,
they discover that their uncle has gone missing and they have no family to look after them.
They attempt to make their own way in London before they are robbed and later mistaken for thieves. After this,
the children are taken in by English social services workers and placed with Mrs. Graham, a foster mother in London.
him too,Anyways,The children continue their daily lives without any new information about their father, a constant source of sadness and stress.



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