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Sociology A Brief Introduction By Alex Thioabc

Sociology A Brief Introduction By Alex Thio
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Sociology A Brief Introduction By Alex Thio
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Unique for its blend of style and substance, this introductory text uses a balanced and systematic application of sociological theory throughout to help students see the difference between myths and realities about society. Highlights of the new edition Four new sections in each chapter examine sociology's connection to the world around us: o Sociological Frontier analyzes current social changes and trends. (For example: "Who Gets Tattoos and Why?") o Current Events looks at recent world events through a sociological lens. (For example: "The War Trauma in Women Soldiers.") o Today's Controversy investigates controversial issues in contemporary society. (For example: "Is the U.S. Losing Its World Leadership?") o For a Better Life uses insights from sociology to show how we can improve our lives. (For example: "Unleash the Power of Nice.")

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